To improve assembly operations and increase factory efficiency, Deere-Hitachi Construction Machinery Corporation partnered with Kubica to develop a custom radio frequency identification (RFID) tracking solution.

Now in operation, the RFID system enables Deere-Hitachi to track products throughout assembly operations without affixing a permanent label. The solution provides wireless, real-time data analysis and product visibility while integrating with Deere-Hitachi’s current manufacturing execution system.

“Kubica came recommended as an ideal solutions provider by AeroScout Industrial, a division of Stanley Black & Decker,” said Kevin Solesbee, Manufacturing Engineer at Deere-Hitachi. “Since implementation, we’ve significantly decreased manual efforts. This has enabled us to incorporate more work-intensive models into our machine lineup without adding manpower. The system is up and running, and already, the improvements are noticeable. As we make internal changes, we expect to see more tangible data.”

Dennis Kubica, CEO of Kubica, said that understanding Deere-Hitachi’s process — and then finding the right technologies to craft a solution that leverages that process — was key. After a thorough assessment, Kubica leveraged Wi-Fi and mobility technologies from Cisco, as well as RFID technology from AeroScout. “Our company loves the challenge of identifying high-quality products and discovering ways to seamlessly integrate them,” said Kubica. “Working with Deere-Hitachi was a highly collaborative process, and the end solution provided great value.”

Brian Goins — also a Manufacturing Engineer at Deere-Hitachi — said the company has made strides in overall efficiency. “The RFID solution enables us to track machine cycle time, stations, and technician performance,” he said. “We have been able to improve line balance and adjust work content by studying RFID data for each model. We look forward to future opportunities to leverage Kubica’s expertise in other areas of our factory.”

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