Gaming Partners International Corporation (, compañía proveedora de equipo para los casinos a nivel global, ha anunciado que presentará su colección completa de productos RFID en la Global Gaming Expo ( a llevarse a cabo en Las Vegas, Nevada, del 4 al 6 de Octubre. Más abajo el resto de la nota de prensa en inglés.

As the gaming industry’s leading provider of casino RFID solutions, the Company will present its latest developments designed to extend RFID’s functionality from the cage and vault to the gaming floor, improving casino efficiency and security. The company will showcase the following RFID solutions:

  • CIS 2.0: The Chip Inventory System uses RFID technology to track the location and status of all RFID enabled chips throughout the casino, increasing inventory movement efficiency and security while providing insight into a casino’s operations.  The system’s real-time inventory monitoring and authentication functions provide instant and accurate validation of chip amounts and serial numbers and can be linked to any third-party casino management system.
  • Dual Level Chip Tray:  The Dual Level Chip Tray protects casino currency at the table while delivering real-time chip inventory and transaction details.  This innovative RFID product enables staff and pit supervisors to focus on customer service and other tasks, enhancing casino efficiency while eliminating manual counting errors.
  • Portable Chip Reader : By allowing staff to quickly and accurately read, authenticate and count chips from any location at any time, the Portable Chip Reader extends RFID security from the cage or chip bank to the table, pit podium and even back-of-house accounting areas.  Its 3-D, high-speed reading capability can read up to 400 chips per second while simultaneously identifying if the chips are authentic, valid casino currency.
  • RFID Progressive Poker: Providing casinos with automated pot calculation and currency authentication, the RFID Poker Table solution minimizes dealer error and increases revenue potential by automating time-consuming pot calculations. Now available with an optional progressive jackpot where players can win all or part of an incrementing prize, the progressive version can link multiple tables together to drive a higher jackpot. 

In addition to displaying its innovative RFID solutions, GPI will also highlight the following product advancements during G2E:

  • B&G Premium Chip: As part of the company’s focus on offering unmatched casino currency products, GPI will emphasize its new B&G Premium Chip line that offers casinos more customizable design options than ever before. By working closely with each casino customer to create a unique, one-of-a-kind chip mold design, each B&G premium plastic injection molded chip can include up to six individual color shots and translucent elements. 
  • Casino Furniture and eReady Tables:  Combining aesthetic beauty with integrated electronic functionality, all custom-built tables on display will be «e-Ready,» showcasing GPI’s ability to integrate the numerous technologies used on tables today with a pleasing, high quality design.

«We are looking forward to this year’s G2E event, where we are pleased to exhibit our wide range of table game products that support our casino customers’ table games operations,» commented Gregory Gronau, GPI President and Chief Executive Officer. «During the past year, we have made significant accomplishments in expanding our currency and RFID product offerings through strategic acquisitions that enhance each product line’s offering and by expanding our local presence in Asia, and we are excited to show these innovations to our customers and receive their valuable feedback.»


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