El proveedor finés de tecnología RFID, Confidex (www.confidex.com), ha lanzado una etiqueta flexible adherible sobre metal conocida como Silverline. La etiqueta pasiva EPC Gen 2 ultra ligera ha sido probada y revisada por usuarios finales. Más abajo fragmentos del artículo en inglés.

Most metal-mount tags are encased in a hard, ruggedized casing intended to protect the tags from the environment, as well as separate the RFID chip and antenna from the metals on which they are affixed. That creates hurdles for some applications, since hard tags typically cannot be printed using a standard printer-encoder, and can only be attached to a flat surface. – See more at: http://www.rfidjournal.com/articles/view?10955#sthash.AIidBh5l.dpuf

According to Pylvänäinen, customers had indicated to Confidex a desire to print and encode RFID tags onsite for use in tracking items for which on-metal tags were necessary (for example, in outdoor storage yards or industrial settings). «We saw a clear demand for an RFID label with the on-metal performance of hard tags and personalization easiness of labels,» he states. The Silverline is composed of a flexible material with a white synthetic face layer designed to be easily printed, and comes in a reel of 500 labels, with a disposable spacer label located between each RFID label, in order to protect the print head in the printer. The label is made with an Impinj Monza QT or optional Monza 4E chip.

The tag is being offered by RFID Global Solution as part of a system that includes the company’s Visi-Trac software. Confidex manufactures UHF RFID tags and labels for automotive manufacturing, industrial logistics and asset-management applications. In some cases, labels need to be attached to a variety of materials and surfaces that are not flat.

According to the company, the Silverline tag is flexible enough to be attached to an object even if there is a bend or curve in the surface to which the tag is applied. Confidex also designed the tag to be easy to print by a customer on a standard RFID printer-encoder.

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