As companies, law firms, and service providers in eDiscovery, cybersecurity, and privacy recalibrate their work force in response to the unprecedented Covid-19 crisis to accommodate remote working-from-home, many hiring managers have an opportunity to experience first-hand the benefits (and challenges) of managing and hiring remote human capital. Celebrating his organizations 10th anniversary this year, TRU Staffing Partners founder and CEO, Jared Coseglia, has built and operated an entirely virtual staff spread across multiple continents; additionally, over two-thirds of TRU’s contract talent workforce who directly service their clients operate remotely. Coseglia will answer your questions and share his experiences building processes, deploying technology, and shaping culture to sustain and enrich company success, employee retention and job satisfaction. Topics will include: choosing webcam culture vs phone culture; technology choices and imperatives for virtual communication and staff accountability; the necessity of good data stewardship; creating a dedicated workspace; hiring virtually, and more! If you are a manager of people transitioning to virtual employment for the first time or someone working remotely who wants to elevate the work from home culture, this webinar will help guide your transition, shape your thought process, and improve your team productivity and cohesion working virtually from home.


18:00 - 19:00 hs GMT+1


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