The business case for diversity and inclusion has been demonstrated time and time again. As the Middle East intensifies its drive towards a more inclusive workforce through initiatives and programs, how can male allies help to drive a more inclusive future? This session will focus on progressive legislation coming into play, how companies will adapt their culture to reflect a changing business environment, and how can we drive the inclusivity debate forward. The Global Women in Telco and Tech initiative aims to bring together the wider telecoms and tech sectors under a global brand where we can discuss, accurately measure, critique and share key findings and advice for improving gender balance across the industry. We are challenging attendees and supporters to close the gap by providing key actionable insights at the individual, team, organisational and industry levels. Culminating in the Global Women in Telco & Tech Summit Awards in September, we work with several Advocates, networks and organisations across telecoms and tech around the world to ensure that we are providing the most effective and valuable content for everyone.


17:30 - 18:00 hs GMT+1


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