New intelligent technologies and the cloud are elevating enterprise expectations and creating opportunities for solution providers and independent software vendors (ISVs). The emergence of cloud analytic platforms has made it easier for ISVs to build analytics applications that drive new revenue streams and growth and create differentiation from competition. In January 2019, IDC conducted in-depth interviews with decision-makers at ISVs and solution providers that chose to partner with SAP for analytics. IDC also surveyed 350 software vendors that were using or evaluating analytics to embed in their own software applications. This session will describe the opportunity of integrating apps with SAP Intelligent Spend Management solutions and tapping into the SAP customer base through partnership. Discover how to become an SAP PartnerEdge Build partner and commercialize your application through the SAP App Center. Join us and learn how you can access new innovations, grow your business and go-to-market with SAP.


04:30 - 05:00 hs GMT+1


Explore an ISV Partnership with SAP
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