Network traffic data has the potential to drive better business outcomes for communication service providers (CSPs). However, for many providers, measuring how IP traffic is delivered across large networks remains a slow, entirely manual process, and it’s difficult to put the data to work. Learn how to leverage and profit from your network traffic data during the upcoming webinar. Kentik’s Product Marketing Director, Jim Meehan discusses and demonstrates how CSPs can surpass revenue and cost targets with real-time analytics that combine network and business data to deliver insights that can be put to immediate use. The session will cover key network data opportunities for CSPs, including how to: ●Understand each customer’s end-to-end contribution to network load ●Create differentiated pricing based on where traffic primarily flows (domestic or international) ●Uncover new sales and upsell opportunities within network data ●Track third-party OTT services and respond to competitive threats ●Use per-subscriber utilization details to drive better customer service outcomes Webinar Speaker: Jim Meehan is a long-time network enthusiast, founding one of Chicago's first dial-up ISPs in the early 1990s. His career includes stints in network operations and vendor pre-sales engineering, including 10+ years at Arbor Networks. Currently he leads the Product Marketing team at Kentik.


17:00 - 18:00 hs GMT+1


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