#TRUSTECH2019 - Key moments not to be missed!

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#TRUSTECH2019 - Key moments not to be missed!

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PARIS, Nov. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- From 26th to 28th November, TRUSTECH, the annual meeting place for professionals of the card and digital trust technology industries, will present the latest industry trends at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes.

Over 100 renowned speakers will take the stage in the conference programme focusing on three main themes: Payments, Identification and Security.

The 8,000+ expected attendees will benefit from FREE access to the event including the conferences.


How African Governments are facing Identity Needs and Challenges
This track provides an assessment of the progress in government practices in the field of Identity management and addresses the challenges faced by African governments in improving experience, satisfaction and safety of their citizens.

Identity Schemes in Europe 
At this conference a comprehensive panel of government representatives and market experts will share experiences and bring new perspectives to inform current and future strategies.

Payments and Secure Transactions 
This track addresses the central role of identification and authentication in the evolution of transactions and payments towards a cashless society with a focus on the European market for PSD2-based payments services.

Digital Trust and Cyber-Resilience
This conference offers the opportunity to share experiences related to identity management, risk assessment, event detection and other best safety practices, aimed at improving cyber-resilience within organisations.

Identity and Biometrics for Smart Travel 
This track addresses the growing importance of biometric and facial authentication and provides insights on the latest applications of secure biometric technologies and documents. 

Banking IDs and Financial Authentication 
At this conference experts will show how the financial market adapts to strong authentication and present best practices for multichannel issues as well as new business models and identity technologies to improve customers' secure banking experience.

Brand Protection and Anti-Counterfeiting Authentication 
This track provides the opportunity to discuss protection and anti-counterfeiting technologies around various applications such as supply chain verification, the fight against counterfeiting and fraud and the protection of consumer goods.

Data Privacy: New Scale and Global Reach 
The conference gives insight into useful practices for privacy implementation and compliance covering issues from privacy impact assessments to consent management, and extraterritorial obligations.

Blockchain and AI for Identity, Authentication & Digital Currencies
This track highlights several innovations in Block Chain and Artificial Intelligence applied to Identity and KYC and analyses their impact on user experience and trust.

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